Three years in the making, For the Time Being is the first book dedicated specifically to the poetic journal as a genre. Edited by Tyler Doherty and Tom Morgan, the book includes an introduction to the genre, four mini essays on the poetic journal, four interviews with contemporary practitioners of the craft, examples of poetic journals from 29 writers spanning three continents, an essay on teaching the poetic journal, and a comprehensive poetic journal booklist. For the Time Being is meant to function as a valuable resource and introduction to the poetic journal for poets, students, travelers, teachers, and scholars alike.

Highlights include:

* An essay on the poetry of James Schuyler and Philip Whalen by the
unofficial Poet Laureate of Boston, Bill Corbett.

* A wide-ranging interview on poetic journals with legendary Beat writer Joanne Kyger.

* A never before published essay on observational writing by long-time Naropa teacher and poet extraordinaire Jack Collom.

* Michael Rothenberg's "Grown Up Cuba!" printed in its entirety.

* Brand new, never-before-published, notebooks from ecopoet and Sanskrit scholar Andrew Schelling.

* Selections from Joel Sloman's "Fat Tuesday" —a poetic journal written in a response to his minor classic, Cuban Journal.

* Extensive selections from Shin Yu Pai's online journals, as well as an interview discussing the roles and affects of web-logs.

* The exquisitely crafted small poems of Thomas A. Clark and Joseph Massey.

* Excellent observationally-driven poems by New Zealand writer Ken Bolton, as well as Australians Laurie Duggan and Pam Brown.

Review by Ron Silliman

Check out Ron Silliman's review of For the Time Being: The Bootstrap Book of Poetic Journals.

"For the Time-Being is one of those “Aha” experiences – the idea behind it is so good and so right that the one real surprise is that this anthology didn’t exist 30 years ago."

Recommended by Bob Arnold

Bob Arnold has placed For the Time Being on his recommened reading list. He also some nice things to say about the editors!

"This sort of thing can blend into word-mush if not edited properly, and properly both editors have scalloped a sincere and challenging collective. Here are the contributors listed in full, worldwide spanned, and I'm one of them proudly, having no relationship with either editor but from the outset being drawn in by their care and eager curiosity. A journal or notebook is idle without curiosity, so I knew this bird had wings."
Book Blurb: For the Time Being brings together for the first time twenty-nine writers from three continents whose work explores and interrogates the genre of the poetic journal. Tracing its roots back to Sei Shonagon and Matsuo Basho through Thoreau’s journals and into the work of the New American poets, the poetic journal remains a vibrant and adaptive genre that continues to delight. Ever alert to the minutiae of daily lived experience, as well as to the linguistic twists and turns poems are likely to take when writing is oriented towards improvisation and discovery, these pieces enlarge our appreciation of the world in all its Whitmanic scope and splendor. Also included in this volume are an informative introduction outlining the history and characteristics of the genre, essays and interviews on favorite ancestors and aspects of the craft, and a piece dedicated to how to teach the poetic journal in the classroom. A valuable resource for poets, teachers, and scholars alike, this anthology collects under one roof an eclectic grouping of poets whose various attentions enliven our works and days.